Monitoring CCTV and IP cameras

Do you have a large quantity of CCTV (otherwise known as security cameras) on your premises? Or perhaps you work for a security company?

If so, there are probably three things you keep an eye on:

  1. Your CCTV or IP Cameras
  2. Your recording device (or DVR)
  3. Your network health

But did you know that NetCrunch can keep an eye on all these things for you?

With the release of version 10.2, NetCrunch now features 2 new, exciting sensors:

  • IP Camera Sensor
  • TruVision Recorder Sensor

The role of the IP Camera Sensor is simple: it allows NetCrunch to take snapshots from an IP Camera and place them as a widget on a map. This way, if you already have NetCrunch rolled out and you have your entire IT operations visible in custom views, you can get a snapshot view of what’s going on in a particular location right in your Console. You can also use this sensor to simply validate that the camera is not ‘frozen’ and working properly.

TruVision Recorder Sensor, on the other hand, will allow you to monitor much more than just the camera. This sensor monitors hard drive usage and the status of a TruVision recorder itself. It triggers alerts when any connected camera signal is lost, when the hard drive space is running low, and in numerous other situations.

But what if you’re not using a TruVision Recorder?

No problem! NetCrunch comes with more than 8500 MIBs pre-compiled, has a MIB Compiler built-in and supports all SNMP versions – including SNMP v.3! In simple terms this translates to the fact that if your DVR is network-enabled, NetCrunch can monitor your DVR as well, by utilizing the SNMP protocol.

Both sensors and example screenshots are available on AdRem’s “What’s new” page, as well as in the updated 10.2 Release Notes.