Automatic Corrective Actions in NetCrunch 10 Suite

Most network monitoring programs have the capability of alerting the IT Admin if something is out of line. After all, that’s their basic function. However, what if instead of simply alerting, the monitoring platform could attempt to automatically correct the problem for you, immediately upon problem discovery?

Good news – NetCrunch Suite has this feature already built-in!

It’s called Automatic Corrective Actions.

With this feature of NetCrunch, you can set the software to monitor your network or a device and instead of simply alerting you, NetCrunch can run a remote script for you that will attempt at restarting the service, rebooting the machine or running any other corrective action of your choice. Only if this fails to bring the service back up, NetCrunch can send you an alert on the pending issue.

Now you can automatize your daily IT chores and have the network correct itself. Your input will only be necessary, if something cannot be fixed automatically.