VMWare ESXi monitoring with NetCrunch 9.3

NetCrunch NMS has the ability to monitor many operating systems, without any agents and out of the box: Windows, Mac OS, BSD, Solaris and many more. You can also monitor ESX/i hardware, as well as Virtual Machines running on VMWare hosts.

NetCrunch supports ESX/i version 4, 5.5 and 6 and does not need vSphere to be installed. Since NetCrunch utilizes Monitoring Packs which are already pre-configured, you can start monitoring your ESX hardware immediately right after you set the device type to “ESX”. Within the hardware status view, you can see the host’s processor information, memory, fan speed, power status, storage information as well as numerous other details. You can also see other performance counters for your ESX server, including: CPU Usage, Disk IO rate, Running VM Count, Uptime, Used Memory, Total VM Count and many more.

If you’re interested in monitoring virtual machines running on your ESX hardware, within NetCrunch you can easily see the %CPU Usage, % Guest Memory Usage, % Host Memory Usage by the particular VM, used CPU resources, Guest Used Memory, Host Used Memory and Network Utilization.