Two-way service desk ticket integrations

In some cases, if a company has a service desk already rolled out, a network administrator might not want to be alerted by text messages, emails or popups. Instead, if the company is operating in Slack, for example, it would be much easier if the network admin was alerted via service desk of their choice.

This is why NetCrunch 9.2 network monitoring suite has a number of two-way ticket integrations with your favorite service desk platforms. In sum, if an event happens, NetCrunch can automatically create a support ticket for you in your favorite platform. When you close the ticket on your platform, NetCrunch will also close the pending alert, and no longer notify you. This is a great time-saving feature, especially in enterprise environments, where there are numerous junior and senior network admins taking care of a single network, or a network with multiple geographical locations. Combined with alert escalation feature, this makes NetCrunch network monitoring suite a solid enterprise choice.

NetCrunch 9.2 already integrates with Freshservice, HipChat, IFTTT, pagerduty, slack, Trello, Twitter and zendesk. More integrations will be available in upcoming releases.