Top Charts view in NetCrunch 9.2

Top Charts view is a feature of NetCrunch 9.2 NMS which is designed to allow the network admin to quickly see the outliers in their network: their best and worst performing machines. This view is highly customizable and can display lists of top nodes according to the performance metrics of your choice: CPU load, memory load, network traffic, amount of free disk space, and many more.

This type of overview is particularly useful when it comes to proactive monitoring. For example, in the Top Charts view you can set up to display the machines with most memory utilization. When a particular node frequently shows up in your Top Charts view for this criteria, you know it’s time to upgrade the memory before application crashes become common, or application performance degradation occurs. In similar fashion, through this view you can easily see which servers on your network might be overloaded and might need an upgrade.

Furthermore, this view in NetCrunch 9.2 allows you to diagnose network performance issues, by watching out for the worst offenders when it comes to response time. For example, you can set NetCrunch to monitor for PING response time. If a particular node shows up frequently on this list, you might have a software or hardware issue which is preventing that machine from properly talking to your network.

By watching out for these values, you can make sure that as an admin, you can constantly deliver your SLA.

You can preview this feature on a video presentation here: