Text Parsing Expressions

Are you still working with a massive load of log files? The good news is that NetCrunch can do that for you. The Text Parsing Expressions feature can parse any text file or log file of your choice (such as Windows Event Log) and notify you in case an event shows up in the log.

For example, if you’re interested in a login occurring, you can set up an alert and a text parsing expression to look for “login” within a log file. The machine on which the log file is residing can be local, or can be remote. You can be notified of the event via text message, e-mail, desktop notification, or through your favorite service desk: Asana, ConnectWise, Jira, Pagerduty, Trello and many more.

Setup is fairly simple:

  • Open Monitoring > Text Parsing Expressions > Text Log Expressions
  • Add a new Parsing Expression and test it with an example entry from your log file
  • Open Node settings and +Add Monitoring Sensor > Text Log

Now you are able to choose your custom Parsing Expression from the Drop Down menu, the encoding and Connection Type. Create an Alert on Text Log Entry, choose the conditions and add your alerting script. NetCrunch will only check new entries, in order to prevent alert overflow.