Server maps in NetCrunch 9.3

Server maps is a feature of NetCurnch 9.3, responsible for automatically creating maps of similar nodes for your overview. The picture above is an example of numerous Windows Server maps, grouped by similar characteristics, such as OS version: Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2008, and etc. Additionally, these maps automatically relay important information to you about the nodes: red status means that the node is down or it’s unreachable, amber means that there’s a minor problem (for example, a slow PING response can trigger an amber status), and no color tint means that the node or monitored service on it is up and running perfectly and there’s no need for an alert.

All maps can be edited to your liking, as specified in our AdRem Knowledge Base article, and you can easily add or subtract nodes from this view. All icons show a visual representation of the node for easier identification.

You can test out this feature for free, by downloading NetCrunch 9.3 at