Sending NetCrunch alerts to Freshservice
















One of NetCrunch’s many integrations is Freshservice two-way helpdesk integration. Freshservice is a service desk designed specifically for IT departments, to help locate, manage and solve the internal issues before they become problems.

NetCrunch has a two-way integration already built-in. This means that NetCrunch can automatically create Freshservice events, if an event occurs. Similarly, if an event is marked as resolved in Freshservie, NetCrunch will mirror this request and treat this issue as taken care of, so you don’t have to manually close events in NetCrunch and duplicate your work.

Here’s an article explaining step-by-step how to configure alerts in NetCrunch Network Monitoring System, so they appear as tickets in Freshservice Service Desk. With this integration properly set up, your IT department will be able to quickly react to unexpected issues and trace them back to the original cause.

Freshservice two-way ticket integration is just one of many NetCrunch helpdesk integrations. Here’s an example of how you can easily integrate NetCrunch with IFTTT: