PagerDuty Integration

NetCrunch 9.3 has several two-way ticket integrations with popular service desks platforms. One of them is PagerDuty.

When something happens on your network, NetCrunch can automatically alert you through a variety of means: by sending an e-mail, running a custom script (for example, to restart a service or restart the machine), showing you a desktop notification, or adding the event to the NetCrunch event log. However, if you’re a business customer and already have a helpdesk platform rolled out, having all your notifications in one location would be a huge time-saver, as well as logistical advantage.

NetCrunch can forward all of your alerts to PagerDuty as incidents, as well as use a web-hook to respond to PagerDuty change of status. In deployment this means that when an event happens, a new alert gets created and NetCrunch automatically opens an incident within your company’s PagerDuty system. When someone within your company marks the incident as “resolved”, NetCrunch will automatically mark the alert as closed as well.

With the PagerDuty integration set up, you can rely on your own service desk platform to get notifications, without having to constantly check on NetCrunch. You can read how to set up PagerDuty integration here.

Integration with PagerDuty is only one of many service-desk integrations available in NetCrunch network monitoring suite. NetCrunch also integrates with Asana, ConnectWise, Flowdock, Freshdesk, JIRA, JiTBiT, Freshservice, HipChat, IFTTT, Pushover, Ryver, slack, Trello, Zendesk and many more. You can read about the other integrations here.