Nodes Overview Dashboard in NetCrunch 9.3

Nodes Overview Dashboard is a new UI feature in NetCrunch 9.3. It’s purpose is to make monitoring of smaller networks much easier by displaying each monitored node and detailed information about the node in a single window. Here you can see the node’s IP address, average response time, it’s status, visual representation of the node in form of icon relevant to the device type, as well as service status.

Green means that the node and all monitored elements on the node are responding properly, and there’s no need for an alert. Amber status means that there’s some type of minor problem with the node or monitored element: for example, a slow response time can trigger a amber device status. If the node, service or monitored element is red, this usually means that the service is down or unreachable. NetCrunch can be set up to notify you about any changes to any of the elements. See the UI improvements released with NetCrunch 9.3 here.