Inventory view in NetCrunch 9.3

In NetCrunch 9.3 the Network Atlas incorporates numerous views designed to enable you to effortlessly view your entire network. Within the Network Atlas, you can find the Windows Inventory view, which outlines all your nodes, their hardware information and their status. In one window you can see a list of nodes, their visual representation (corresponding icon), node name and IP address, the engine status, last performed audit, detailed Operating System information, the processor type, installed memory, motherboard information and many more details. Of course, columns are resizable, and additional views can be added.

The Inventory view becomes particularly useful when managing whole offices, or several locations, as it can save the administrator time and effort of going to a specific machine and learning about the machine’s hardware in order to look for upgrades.

The inventory view is an integral part of the NetCrunch network monitoring suite. However, if you are interested in viewing one machine at a time and it’s details, you can also use the free WMI Tools program from AdRem Software, as outlined here.