How to find which services are running on the network

One of the daunting tasks for any Contracted IT Administrator is quickly understanding the network topology, as well a remembering which IP address corresponds to which service. With this task in mind, NetCrunch Tools v.2 was released.

The Network Service Scanner is a handy utility which can discover 70 (TCP and UDP) most well-known network services running within the address range you specify. All you need to do, is to specify the IP range to be scanned, set the proper TCP and UDP Timeout (default is 3000ms) and select which services should be scanned for. By default, this network monitoring tool will scan for all of them.

The results should appear in few seconds. You can see this process here:

If you’re interested in scanning for one particular service – FTP, for example – you can deselect all other services from the menu, and only get the IP addresses which are running the “FTP” service.

NetCrunch Tools is available for free, and include the following features: Ping, Traceroute, Wake On LAN, DNS Info, Who Is, DNS Audit, MAC Resolver, Subnet Calculator, Ping Scanner, Network Service Scanner, Open TCP Port Scanner and SNMP Scanner, all-in-one. You can download the software here.